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Here in Huntsville, AL, we know a thing or two about keeping our cool. Whether it means knowing where to go to beat the heat, or setting the standard for style on the streets, we have it on lock. With the Chevrolet Camaro you can do it all, with looks to spare.

There is a reason the Camaro is the modern twist on the American classic. The body is sculpted; strong lines produce an aerodynamic V shape to allow the car to cut through the air for a dynamic performance. The difference between a sports car and a regular coupe or sedan is not just the handling and a finely tuned suspension that elevates the ride, but also the overall experience it produces for you as the driver.

Within the Camaro, you feel the full command of the 323 horsepower within the direct injection V6 engine. The cabin becomes your cockpit, lined for your comfort and convenience while on the road. The center infotainment center features a seven inch screen so you can clearly utilize the touch screen easily without taking any attention away from the drive. The beauty of the sleek interior is all about the details, like the sueded microfiber and dual stitching that gives it sport-inspired design and attitude so you can more fully immerse yourself within the experience behind the wheel. The steering wheel has mounted controls so you can still command the music or field phone calls without taking your eyes on the pavement.

Whether you opt for a top of the line trim model so you have a home away from home experience while gripping the steering wheel, or go with a more classic, streamlined machine that is rough and raw, as a car was meant to be, we have a wide selection here at Landers McLarty Chevrolet. The price alone is enough reason for you to take a closer look at the new Camaro, and once you see how spacious the interior is, you might bring a friend or two along for the ride. Come in and take a test drive or two, and just try to picture yourself without a Camaro. Isn't it time you allowed yourself to have some fun?

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There is one simple truth that makes the difference between a true sports car and a simple road car: the car combines with the driver for one seamless driving machine. Every moment within the cabin should instill yearning to go farther, and drive on, while the throbbing engine keeps the driver alert and ready to take on more challenges.

With the 2015 Corvette Stingray, the ultimate sports car is now realized. The pushrod V8 delivers a thrum that as soon as the engine is brought to life, maintains an intensity all its own. For maximized efficiency, the engine idles efficiently when you are slowed to halt, and with an automatic eight-speed transmission new for 2015, achieves impressive highway fuel economy as well.

The aesthetic continues this idea of a flawless driving experience, as the smooth exterior is cut in all the right places for a smooth aerodynamic performance. The convertible achieves the same performance as the coupe, thanks to inspired engineering.

The interior is designed to cradle the driver for a personal driving experience, with sport-style bucket seats and driver-centric cockpit. Take a hold of the steering wheel, and let the 460 horsepower and 465 lbs-ft of torque do all the hard work for you. The point of a sports car is to let go and release your fate to the Corvette. The road ahead will greet you.

Come in to Landers McLarty Chevrolet today, your home for the Corvette Stingray in Huntsville, AL.

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The Bowtie has been a leader in the pony car segment for decades now. However, you don't necessarily have to get behind the wheel of a Corvette or a Camaro to enjoy you share of acceleration on the road in Huntsville, AL. As a matter of fact, our midsize mainstay, the Chevrolet Malibu turns out all kinds of power. Plus, it offers up the kind of cargo room and passenger space that you need to accommodate a full crew.

If you're the type that wants to get around behind the wheel of a reliable ride without having to sacrifice your sense for speed, then the Malibu is a perfect fit. It's chiseled build stands out above the anonymous offerings from the competition. And to back up that bold look, the Malibu delivers two separate engine options.

The standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder mill kicks out a healthy 196-hp. That will surely get you going in a hurry, but if you want an extra boost, step things up to the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder for 259-hp. Each iteration comes along with that aforementioned look that sets the tone from the get-go.

To check it out for yourself, drop into Landers McLarty Chevrolet and we can get you behind the wheel anytime.

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Few models on the road in Huntsville, AL can stand a chance at competing with the style, speed, or the history that the Chevy Camaro has in its corner. Furthermore, if you ask the editors at Motor Trend Magazine they'll tell you that no other vehicle in the country can keep up with the driving dynamics offered by the Z/28 iteration of the iconic pony car.

Don't just take our word for it though; get it straight from Editor-in-Chief, Edward Loh, in the informative clip below.

Of course, you don't have to go all the way up to the top-tier to find yourself behind the wheel of an all-out thrill machine. We've got Camaro vehicles here at Landers McLarty Chevrolet Huntsville that come along with the power, feel, and flair that you're after. Plus, you'll get it all at a great value.

To get behind the wheel of your favorite Camaro today, burn some rubber down to our Chevy dealer and we can get you set up in the driver's seat today.

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