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There is much anticipation already for the next generation of the most popular models to come out from Chevrolet. From the lighter and hybrid option in the 2016 Malibu to the most recently debuted 2016 Camaro, the lineup is set to be one to watch, and already the competition is starting to feel the heat. Not to be left behind in the 2015 model year, the Chevrolet Cruze is already receiving its own buzz as its future becomes more clear.

A more aggressive face takes on the open road with LED running lights so every other vehicle on the road knows the Cruze is coming this way. A rearview camera will come standard, and with more available features than the competition, you can soon opt for premium features like heated seats in both front and rear seats without paying a premium. The technology on the inside is set to be impressive as well. In other mid-size sedans, the manufacturer only is compatible with one type of smartphone; these days are long gone with the Cruze, which comes equipped with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so you are free to use your smartphone as you want with the car you are driving. Add the available 4G LTE WiFi and you have one hi-tech car on your hands.

A lighter body structure and enhanced agility is combined with a turbocharged 1.4L engine with direct injection and start/stop technology to help you conserve fuel. The result of all of these efficient technologies is a maximum highway range of over 500 miles. And with class-leading rear leg room and a longer wheelbase, you do not have to stop as much as in a smaller, lesser car.

Come in to Landers McLarty Chevrolet and take a Cruze around Huntsville, AL. The 2016 model is not set to arrive for a few months yet, but stay tuned for more information on the future of the Chevy lineup.

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A work truck is defined by how you use it. You need a truck with the proper payload and towing maximum in order to carry out the jobs as they come in, and in anything less than the ideal combination of performance and capability, the job cannot be done as efficiently. When it comes to a solid performance in the field and an exceptional ride quality, you cannot beat the comfort and power of the Chevy Silverado.

There are three engines available, so you can get the right amount of power and efficiency for the work you do. Choose whether you want to optimize efficiency with the V6 engine that leads its category and class for fuel efficiency, or maximum towing in the class at a whopping 12,000 lbs of towing with the 6.2L V8. You also benefit from the storage and accessibility innovations that are only available on the Silverado, like the CornerStep that is integrated into the rear bumper and the EZ-Lift and Lower tailgate. And like other new Chevy models for the 2015 model year, you have a vehicle equipped with 4G LTE WiFi, so you can stay connected when on the go. Being able to take phone calls and answer pressing questions can make all the difference in the middle of the work day, and now you can take your productivity to a whole new level.

When you sync your smartphone with the infotainment center, you can use voice command and communicate wirelessly to your phone, but it would be a moot point if you couldn't be heard above the endless noise of the pavement. Now you can revel in the relaxing cabin of the Silverado, the quietest truck in its class. Triple-sealed doors and laminated windows mean that all of the extraneous noise that can drive you mad stays on the outside of the cabin. You can listen to music, field phone calls, or enjoy the quiet.

For more information on the Chevy Silverado 1500, come in Landers McLarty Chevrolet. Come in and take the new Silverado out for a test drive around Huntsville, AL today.

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Here in Huntsville, AL, we know a thing or two about keeping our cool. Whether it means knowing where to go to beat the heat, or setting the standard for style on the streets, we have it on lock. With the Chevrolet Camaro you can do it all, with looks to spare.

There is a reason the Camaro is the modern twist on the American classic. The body is sculpted; strong lines produce an aerodynamic V shape to allow the car to cut through the air for a dynamic performance. The difference between a sports car and a regular coupe or sedan is not just the handling and a finely tuned suspension that elevates the ride, but also the overall experience it produces for you as the driver.

Within the Camaro, you feel the full command of the 323 horsepower within the direct injection V6 engine. The cabin becomes your cockpit, lined for your comfort and convenience while on the road. The center infotainment center features a seven inch screen so you can clearly utilize the touch screen easily without taking any attention away from the drive. The beauty of the sleek interior is all about the details, like the sueded microfiber and dual stitching that gives it sport-inspired design and attitude so you can more fully immerse yourself within the experience behind the wheel. The steering wheel has mounted controls so you can still command the music or field phone calls without taking your eyes on the pavement.

Whether you opt for a top of the line trim model so you have a home away from home experience while gripping the steering wheel, or go with a more classic, streamlined machine that is rough and raw, as a car was meant to be, we have a wide selection here at Landers McLarty Chevrolet. The price alone is enough reason for you to take a closer look at the new Camaro, and once you see how spacious the interior is, you might bring a friend or two along for the ride. Come in and take a test drive or two, and just try to picture yourself without a Camaro. Isn't it time you allowed yourself to have some fun?

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The secret to a quality family trip is the vehicle you take to get there. And if you are one of the many parents in Birmingham, AL that need new advice on making a family road trip, we think the Chevrolet Traverse has just the thing.

It all begins with its size. As a midsize SUV, it is nimble on its wheels around tight city streets, while providing comfortable seating for up to eight passengers when you need it. It leads its class with 116 cubic feet of cargo room, so every member of the family can reclaim some personal space, which is always important when on the road. The interior is designed for maximum comfort, with available premium materials to indulge all the senses, like wood trim accents and leather-appointed seats.

You remember the fights that ensued when choosing music for the whole car, and now those squabbles can be silenced forever more. With the intelligent infotainment system and steering wheel mounted controls, you as the driver get final say on what plays and what doesn't. Conveniently sync your smartphone, and you can even field important phone calls hands-free when on the move.

When it comes to performance, the Traverse meets its eye-catching style with strength under the hood and efficiency to take you further. Now all you need to do is convince the rest of the family, but a simple test drive here at Landers McLarty Chevrolet, we serve customers from Birmingham as well as our neighbors in Huntsville, AL. Come in to see us today, and redefine how your family takes a road trip.

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It may have begun as a compact pickup, but after a brief hiatus, the 2015 Chevy Colorado is all grown up. Accordingly, it's now poised to stand at the very top of the midsize segment, with efficiency, power, and a sporty feel that's great for Huntsville, AL drivers who live life in the fast lane.

This extra-versatile truck can cater to any of your needs. You can take advantage of the available 3.6-liter V6 engine to put all 305-hp and 269 lb-ft of torque to use on the job. Or you can simply stock up the 6-foot flatbed with camping and fishing gear to head out of town for the weekend.

With the ability to deliver 26 mpg on the highway, there's no need to avoid a long drive in this truck. The cabin's 4G LTE WiFi hotspot, 8-inch touchscreen, and smartphone integration makes it a great family vehicle, too. And you'll be pleased to learn that safety is definitely a top priority. The pickup comes equipped with a rearview camera, forward collision alert, and a lane departure warning system to keep everyone well-protected on the road.

The Colorado is back at Landers McLarty Chevrolet Huntsville and it's ready to take on whatever task you have in store for it. To learn more about what this reworked ride is bringing to town, visit our showroom today.

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The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe sports a serious sense of style inside and out. From its nine-passenger seating and extra quiet cabin to its powerful V8 engine, everything about this ride says, "luxury". While this SUV's curb appeal clearly speaks for itself, in some cases it speaks volumes you might not necessarily expect.


That's a good reminder to always arrange rates with the sitter before heading out on a date night. That way he or she doesn't get any ideas after cruising around town in the lap of luxury.

Fortunately, the Tahoe does a whole lot more than turn heads out on the road in Huntsville, AL; this SUV rounds out its refined appeal with a solid work ethic. It can tow up to 8,600 lbs and if you're looking to stock up on the inside, you'll get over 94 cubic feet of cargo capacity when both back rows are folded down.

To get a feel for everything that the Tahoe can deliver, head on into Landers McLarty Chevrolet Huntsville. You can even bring the kids along for the ride. After all, you wouldn't want to have to shell out for a sitter.

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Our brand has been delivering stylish sedans for generations now and one of the most iconic nameplates in the mix is undoubtedly the Malibu. While this vehicle has certainly seen its share of changes over the years, the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu is one of the best takes you'll find inHuntsville, AL.

black 2014 Chevrolet Malibu in front of a fountain

We're confident that after one look at this slick sedan you'll be sold on its style. And when it comes to value, we've really got you covered. As a matter of fact, we sell the 2014 Malibu LS for as little as $18,997. Furthermore, we've been doing so since 2009. Hey, when you find a number that fits just right for your customers, you stick with it.

At this point, you've got a couple of great reasons to check out the 2014 Malibu. Once you take your place in the cabin, you'll find that the inviting theme we've laid out above continues.

The upscale interior is designed so that everything is easy for you to access. While you're putting the 2.5-liter engine to use, you'll have the benefit of Bluetooth connectivity, streaming radio, and a 7-inch touchscreen that unlocks all of the other features of the Chevy MyLink infotainment system.

Cruise on in to Landers McLarty Chevrolet Huntsville and our team can help you get a feel for all that the Malibu has to offer today.

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Last time out we alluded to our brand's emergent 4G LTE WiFi capability, so today we thought we'd follow up by showing you the latest commercial to plug the in-car connectivity option. It's featuring one of our favorite stars, too, the updated edition of the Chevrolet Cruze. Don't worry about checking your bandwidth; this spot will load in the blink of an eye. Just click play below to get a better sense for the new feature.


Before you race down to our Huntsville, AL showroom to say, "That's my Chevy!" we should forewarn you that the option isn't available just yet. However, it will make its global debut inside the 2015 Cruze soon.

To learn more about the technology or to get the latest information about pending 2015 releases, drop into Landers McLarty Chevrolet Huntsville. Our team can fill you in on everything while we take a current Cruze out for a spin.

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