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After you have been around the block a few times, you start to realize that as much as you may want time to go more slowly, it speeds up as the years wear on. This time around, fight the normal signs of aging my traveling faster than you ever have before. The secret to youth is not some mythical drink that pours forth from a fountain, but rather the thrill you get when you are behind the wheel of the Chevrolet Corvette.

2015 is the year of the most aerodynamic Corvette ever. The iconic name is now made even better, as technology and new engineering has opened new avenues to explore. The exterior is sculpted to perfection, with just enough drag to counteract the lifting forces as the car revs up to its top speed of 200 miles per hour. All 460 horsepower in the LT1 engine make for a dynamic performance on the roadways, so whether your drive is flat and straight or has a few twists and turns, you will never find yourself being bored.

This is the best American sports car. With decades of its legacy to testify, the Chevy Corvetteallows you to push the limits unlike you ever thought you would be able to. And with many bright and daring colors to choose from, you can suit the Corvette's skin to suit your mood.

Come in to Landers McLarty Chevrolet and add to the history of the Corvette with one of your own. Come take a test drive around Huntsville, AL, and see how quickly you feel time start to slow down once you get in the fast lane.

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There is one simple truth that makes the difference between a true sports car and a simple road car: the car combines with the driver for one seamless driving machine. Every moment within the cabin should instill yearning to go farther, and drive on, while the throbbing engine keeps the driver alert and ready to take on more challenges.

With the 2015 Corvette Stingray, the ultimate sports car is now realized. The pushrod V8 delivers a thrum that as soon as the engine is brought to life, maintains an intensity all its own. For maximized efficiency, the engine idles efficiently when you are slowed to halt, and with an automatic eight-speed transmission new for 2015, achieves impressive highway fuel economy as well.

The aesthetic continues this idea of a flawless driving experience, as the smooth exterior is cut in all the right places for a smooth aerodynamic performance. The convertible achieves the same performance as the coupe, thanks to inspired engineering.

The interior is designed to cradle the driver for a personal driving experience, with sport-style bucket seats and driver-centric cockpit. Take a hold of the steering wheel, and let the 460 horsepower and 465 lbs-ft of torque do all the hard work for you. The point of a sports car is to let go and release your fate to the Corvette. The road ahead will greet you.

Come in to Landers McLarty Chevrolet today, your home for the Corvette Stingray in Huntsville, AL.

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Everyone knows Chevrolet has rides like the Corvette that deliver incredible speed and trucks like the Silverado that offer size and hardworking versatility.  However, within the overall Chevy lineup there are some sprightly little underdogs lurking in our lot that also deserve some attention.

Today we are here to show you these compact nimble machines, everyone of them from the brand-new Trax all the way to the efficient and speedy Sonic.  To do this Chevrolet made a quick video highlighting each small car in their exciting lineup, so check it out below to learn more:

With efficient compact capabilities and some surprising power, what these cars lack in size they make up for tenfold with features, engineering and technology.  The variety this lineup brings to the table delivers a ride for all of your needs and wants, so you do not have to make any compromises by choosing a vehicle that really is not fit for you.

If you want an affordable ride that can tackle the growing urban maze in style then meet your match with these new Chevrolet models.

Our dealership is backed right up against the Oakwood University campus here in Huntsville, Alabama, so if you are in the area and want to check out the rides from the video above pay us a visit today.

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Each year, the venerable folks over at American University's Kogod School of Business assess new car models on a very interesting qualification.

Yes, instead of measuring vehicles' affordability, cost-of-ownership, safety, or efficiency, for instance, the researches put out what's known as a Made in American Automotive Index which establishes how many vehicles automakers have that are 'made in America.'

So who is the most 'American' automaker of 2014? That would be GM, Chevrolet's parent company! And for the second year in a row, no less!

Now, you may need a little background, so we at Landers McLarty Chevrolet are going to provide it for you:

To be deemed a domestic product, 75 percent of a vehicle's value, or more of a car's parts, must come from the U.S. This is in accordance to a national Labeling Act. Though Chevrolet does admittedly source some of its products from other countries, its vehicles still meet this criterion.

The No. 1 vehicle on the Automotive Index (tied with another) was the Corvette Stingray with 17 other GM models making appearances, as well, within the top 10. Seven other Chevy models that made their way to the top 10 include: the Traverse, Equinox, Express, Malibu, Impala, Suburban and Tahoe.

If you'd like to learn more about the American prowess that is the Chevrolet brand, then we at Landers McLarty Chevrolet kindly invite you to visit our Huntsville, AL dealership, at your convenience.

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