Chevy Malibu Comparison


When compared to Competitors Like the Honda Accord and the Ford Fusion, the Chevy Malibu Still Stands Out

This mid-size is smart. With two J.D. Power awards over the last two years, you can take a closer look at the Malibu with the knowledge that this stylish car is ranked highest in initial quality and long-term dependability in its class. That dependability is now coupled with innovative engineering and technology to deliver a more efficient and enjoyable driving experience than ever before. Explore how the popular sedan outshine these models and more!

A noticeable difference is the seamless start/stop feature, which has a great influence on the great fuel economy, an EPA-estimate 36 mpg on the highway. With this feature, the engine actually turns off when the brake is applied and you have reached a stop. Then, once the brake is released, the engine automatically restarts, and is so quiet you might not even notice. The Chevy Malibu is the first in its class to offer standard 4G LTE WiFi, so you can stay connected and online even when you are on the move. Now that's some smart thinking.

Living in the technology age means that you have a lot of devices that you use when you aren't in the car, but with USB ports and hands-free wireless control of voice command, you can keep using the same technology and apps that you use anyway, now with the added safety of keeping your hands on the soft steering wheel and your eyes on the road ahead. You won't mind taking the long way home with the refined interior that has focused on providing comfort and support for you as the driver, as well as each passenger. The rear bench features a 60/40 split bench so you can take larger cargo items when you need to, with no hassle at all.

For a chance to test drive the Chevy Malibu around Huntsville, AL, come in to see us here at Landers McLarty Chevrolet. It's time you treated yourself to the Malibu.

When it comes to the market of midsize sedans, there are more models to choose from than ever before. Unlike some of the young newcomers to the market, the Chevy Malibu has the pedigree to help it stand out from the competition when taken out for a drive around American roads. We did the research for you, so here's the short list of the benefits of the Malibu.

Chevy Malibu vs. Honda Accord

  • Comparable fuel economies make these two close rivals, but with over a gallon more in the tank, the Malibu gets you farther than the Accord
  • Over the years, the Malibu gives you better roadside assistance and powertrain drivetrain coverage, up to over 40,000 miles more than Honda
  • Chevy's I4 engine gets 196 hp compared to Honda's 185 hp
  • The Accord's small statue gets in the way, providing only 37 in. of front head room, whereas the Malibu gives you a full 39 in.

Chevy Malibu vs. Ford Fusion

  • Bottom line price when comparably equipped, the Ford costs more than $2000 more
  • Fusion's Turbo engine sucks power away from its performance, resulting in a combined EPA est. fuel economy of 27.5 mpg, compared to the enviable 30.5 mpg combined estimate for the Malibu
  • Go further in the Malibu, with two more gallons in the fuel tank than the Ford
  • Chevy Malibu offers class-leading 4G LTE WiFi onboard, so you can connect up to seven devices while on the move

When you look at the competition, they may look similar, but only the Chevrolet Malibu promises the whole package, from affordability to interior amenities, to fuel economy and performance on the open road. Come in to Landers McLarty Chevrolet to take this award-winning sedan for a quiet test drive out around Huntsville, AL. With the Chevy Malibu, you don't have to cut any corners.