The world used to be made up of small businesses and small business owners, but now the landscape is more favorable to large business and corporations than the small businesses that get trampled. That is not top say there are no successful small-scale companies, it is merely more difficult to have a successful one. One of the key factors that any small business owner knows is mobility, because your clientele is a moving demographic, or is spread out. Take your business to the people, or merely increase your own transportation abilities behind the scenes with the Chevy City Express van.

The demands of the business world has always been the same: perform to the expectations of your customers while being as efficient and cost-effective as possible. When you are thinking about your own business, take a closer look at the numbers in the City Express. At an affordable price, you get a small van with an estimated 24 gallons in the city, making it one of the most efficient vans in its class.

The history of the City Express begins in 1936, when the Canopy Express vehicle has roll-up sides made of canvas so vendors could easily display their wares or food while on the move. The same principle of created the vehicle to the needs of the customer still holds true. "To this day, small business owners need to remain nimble in a crowded business environment and still be able to reach their customers in a timely manner," said Ed Peper, the vice president f GM Fleet & Commercial. When it comes to small business, no other company has a legacy to match Chevrolet.

Come in to Landers McLarty Chevrolet today and take a closer look at the Chevy City Express. Our doors are open in Huntsville, AL seven days a week.


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