You lead a busy life. In the middle of your work week and commuting schedule, you do not have any spare time in case you current car decides to kick the bucket. The last thing you need on the morning of a conference call is to be stranded on the side of the road, and the only solution is to get into a new car that is notably reliable. That's where the affordable and efficient Chevrolet Malibu comes in.

If you want some hard proof first, there are two recent awards in the Malibu's arsenal to speak towards it reputable character. J.D. Power and Associates awarded the Malibu the "Highest Ranked Midsize Car in Initial Quality" as well as "Most Dependable Midsize Car", so you know there is merit under the lustered paint. Each angle of the Malibu has been redesigned for aerodynamic efficiency, so no matter where you look, this sedan catches the eye of any passerby.

Two available engines allow you to choose between a powerful and efficiency four cylinder or a turbo charged engine for increased horsepower. Whichever suits your driving style best, both achieve remarkable fuel economy with an enjoyable experience behind the wheel. In terms of safety technologies, now the first step is to help prevent an accident from happening in the first place. New technologies like traction control and electronic stability control allow you to stay in control even when the driving conditions are less than perfect.

With a roomy interior, the Chevrolet Malibu is impossible to overlook. Premium materials indulge the senses for an overall comfortable experience for all passengers. Enjoy a quiet ride, as noise stays outside the laminated glass windshield as you all settle in to the supportive cushioning of the seats. Keep your cargo in check with innovative storage solutions all around the cabin. And of course, the rear bench features a 60/40 split so you can gain space for large cargo without sacrificing all of your seating.

Come in to Landers McLarty Chevrolet and take the new Malibu out for a test drive today. Once you have gotten a test for its smooth ride during a test drive around Huntsville, AL, you may not be able to endure a lesser sedan. Get the guaranteed performance that only a Chevy can provide.


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