Everyone knows Chevrolet has rides like the Corvette that deliver incredible speed and trucks like the Silverado that offer size and hardworking versatility.  However, within the overall Chevy lineup there are some sprightly little underdogs lurking in our lot that also deserve some attention.

Today we are here to show you these compact nimble machines, everyone of them from the brand-new Trax all the way to the efficient and speedy Sonic.  To do this Chevrolet made a quick video highlighting each small car in their exciting lineup, so check it out below to learn more:

With efficient compact capabilities and some surprising power, what these cars lack in size they make up for tenfold with features, engineering and technology.  The variety this lineup brings to the table delivers a ride for all of your needs and wants, so you do not have to make any compromises by choosing a vehicle that really is not fit for you.

If you want an affordable ride that can tackle the growing urban maze in style then meet your match with these new Chevrolet models.

Our dealership is backed right up against the Oakwood University campus here in Huntsville, Alabama, so if you are in the area and want to check out the rides from the video above pay us a visit today.


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